If non-null pVal and sigma values are given, confidence interval lines will be added to the plot at the specified pVal locations of a N(0, 1) distribution.

ggally_nostic_std_resid(data, mapping, ..., sigma = 1)


data, mapping, ...

parameters supplied to ggally_nostic_resid


sigma value for the pVal percentiles. Set to 1 for standardized residuals


ggplot2 plot object

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# Small function to display plots only if it's interactive p_ <- GGally::print_if_interactive dt <- broomify(stats::lm(mpg ~ wt + qsec + am, data = mtcars)) p_(ggally_nostic_std_resid(dt, ggplot2::aes(wt, .std.resid)))
#> `geom_smooth()` using method = 'loess'