Bug fixes

Bug fixes

  • Replace ggplot2 usage of *_guide = FALSE with *_guide = "none" (@larmarange, #418)
  • Require network >= 1.17.1 (#418)

Bug fixes

Breaking changes

Other changes

New Vignettes

New functions

ggbivariate() (@larmarange, #324) * Display an outcome using several potential explanatory variables * vig_ggally("ggbivariate")

ggtable() (@larmarange, #351) * Cross-tabulated tables of discrete variables * vig_ggally("ggtable")

add_to_ggmatrix() (#362) * Add ggplot2 objects to ggmatrix objects at selected locations * Locations can be rows, columns, matrices, or other shorthand values.

ggally_autopoint(), ggally_autopointDiag() (@larmarange, #325) * Make scatterplots compatible with both continuous and categorical variables using ggforce::geom_autopoint().

ggally_colbar(), ggally_rowbar() (@larmarange, #324) * Plot column or row percentage using bar plots.

ggally_count(), ggally_countDiag() (@larmarange, #321) * Plot the number of observations by using rectangles with proportional areas.

ggally_cross() (@larmarange, #326) * Plot the number of observations by using square points with proportional areas.

ggally_crosstable() (@larmarange, #351) * Display a cross-tabulated table.

ggally_statistic() (#327) * A generalized version of ggally_cor() * Use this method to create functions similar to ggally_cor() that return any text value given and x and y vector of data

ggally_summarise_by() (@larmarange, #325) * Display summary statistics of a continuous variable for each value of a discrete variable.

ggally_table() (@larmarange, #326) * Plot the number of observations as a table.

ggally_trends() (@larmarange, #333) * Plot trends using line plots.

signif_stars() (@larmarange, #327) * Return the appropriate number of significance stars as a character vector for the provided numeric input values.

New ggplot2 plot statistics:

stat_cross() (@larmarange, #326) * Computes statistics of a 2-dimensional matrix using broom::augment.htest.

stat_prop() (@larmarange, #324) * Compute proportions according to custom denominator.

stat_weighted_mean() (@larmarange, #333) * Compute the mean of y aesthetic for each unique value of x, taking into account weight aesthetic if provided.

Major updates

ggally_cor() (#327) * New implementation using ggally_statistic() * Will now hide the grid by default and add a border (displayGrid = FALSE) * Added the ability to display significance stars (stars = TRUE) * Alignment has been fixed so both short and long names should be displayed within view. alignPercent now corresponds to the center of the text. * Added the ability to separate the arguments sent to the title and the groups (title_args and group_args) * Digits now represents the total number of digits after the decimal place. * To use the old version, change your ggally_cor() function calls to ggally_cor_v1_5(). * Previously deprecated parameters have been removed

Website * Updated to use pkgdown (#335)

Features and bug fixes:

ggpairs() (#331) * New proportion argument to control relative size of sub-plots * option proportion = "auto" for automatic guess based on the number of levels for discrete variables

ggduo() (#331) * New xProportion and yProportion arguments to control relative size of sub-plots * Set option xProportion = "auto" and yProportion = "auto" for automatic guess based on the number of levels for discrete variables

ggscatmat() * lowertriangle() now preallocates it’s memory usage for a 2-5x speed improvement. (@vlepori, #328) * Fixed facet’ing error where the factor order was not preserved. This error caused the facets to be alphabetically sorted, cause plots to appear in unexpected locations. (#355)

  • Updated to work with ggplot2 v3.3.0 (#308)

ggnet and ggnet2 * Fixed some logic bugs from newer R versions

ggally_box and ggally_dot * Label now appears axis and is displayed in a plot matrix. (#253)

ggsurv * Provide sensible legend values when multiple factors are present. (#310)

ggally_cor * Added displayGrid argument to turn of the background grid. (#312)

GGally 1.3.3

ggpairs and ggduo

  • Become ggplot2 v2.2.2 compliant (#266)
  • When retrieving functions with wrap, ggally_* functions do not require the GGally namespace (#269)
  • Exported eval_data_col, mapping_string, and mapping_swap_x_y (5d157f6)
  • Exported is_horizontal and is_character_column (#270)
  • Logical values are now treated as discrete (#272)


  • progress parameter added to ggmatrix (and appropriate parent functions). Allows for TRUE, FALSE, NULL, and function(pm){...} (#271)


  • Cooks distance cutoff is now at F_{p, n - p}(0.5) (#274)


  • Replaced loading packages with loading namespaces(#262)


  • Added shrink and se parameters to ggally_smooth (#247)


  • Added sort parameter to sort by beta values (#273)


  • Fixed bug where x axis breaks and labels did not appear when splineFactor = TRUE (#279)

GGally 1.3.2

ggpairs and ggduo

  • Removed warning where pure numeric names gave a warning (#238, @lepennec)
  • Fixed ordering issue with horizontal boxplots (#239)


  • Fixed missing x aes requirement when shadebox is provided (#237, @treysp)


  • Made igraph a non required dependency for tests (#240)

GGally 1.3.1

Added new dataset psychademic

  • See ?psychademic for more details
  • (And updated the broken UCLA links)

Added original ggmatrix theme

  • added function to set theme to have clear strip background and rearrange the strip positions
  • added parameter switch to ggmatrix (and friends) to allow for strip repositioning. See ?ggplot::facet_grid for more documentation on switch (#223, #224)

ggsurv error reporting

  • removed a one error check that is covered in other places (#222)


  • allow to add a list of items to a ggmatrix (#228)


  • fix strip issues with ggplot2 name update

GGally 1.3.0

ggmatrix.print - massive update!

  • Now prints with a ggplot2 facet’ed structure
  • Column titles are now placed in the strip of a plot matrix
  • If there are 16 plots or more, a progress bar is displayed automatically (if interactive). Please look at the documentation for ggmatrix_gtable more details.

ggmatrix legend

  • A legend may be added with the legend parameter in ggduo, ggpairs, and ggmatrix
  • May specify a (length two) numeric plot coordinate
  • May specify a (length one) numeric plot position
  • May specify a legend object retrieved from grab_legend

ggnostic - New function!

  • Produces a ggmatrix of diagnostic plots from a model object
  • Uses broom to retrieve model information
  • Each column of the plot matrix is a predictor variable. The rows can display the response variables, fitted points, residuals, standardized residuals, leave one out model sigma values, diagonals of the hat matrix, and cook’s distance for each point.

ggfacet - New function!

  • Produces single ggplot2 object
  • interface is very similar to ggduo and ggpairs

fn_switch - New function!

  • Provide many functions in a list but only call one function at run time according to a mapping value
  • Useful for ggnostic for different behavior depending on the y variable
  • Allows for a ‘default’ value for the default switch case

ggmatrix - allow custom labellers for facet labels

  • Added labeller parameter which is supplied to ggplot2::facet_grid()
  • Allows for labels with plotmath expressions

ggmatrix and ggplot2::last_plot()

ggmatrix and ggplot2 labels

ggmatrix and ggplot2::ggsave()

  • ggsave now works with ggmatrix objects

ggpairs and ggduo check for cardinality (#197)

  • Before creating a ggmatrix object, a check is made for character/factor columns
  • If there are more than 15 (default) unique combinations, an error is thrown.
  • Setting cardinality_threshold parameter to a higher value can fix the problem (knowing single cell plots may take more time to produce)
  • Setting cardinality_threshold parameter to NULL can stop the check

ggmatrix plot proportions

  • ggmatrix can set the plot proportions with the parameters xProportions and yProportions
  • These will change the relative size of the plot panels produced.

ggally_cor colour aesthetic

  • color must be a non-numeric value


  • added boolean to allow for legend to not be sorted
  • fixed bug where censored points with custom color didn’t match properly (#185)


ggally_box_no_facet and ggally_dot_no_facet

  • New methods added as defaults to pair with new ggmatrix print method

GGally 1.2.0

install requirements

  • relaxed install requirements on grid (5d06dfc, d57469a, 933bb14, 73b314d)

ggduo - New!

  • plot two grouped data in a plot matrix (#173)
  • helpful for plotting two sets of columns, multivariate analysis, and canonical correlation analysis
  • be sure to check out the examples!

ggally_smooth_loess - New!

  • uses the loess method with drawing a line (1552f96)

ggally_smooth_lm - New!

  • uses the lm method with drawing a line (1552f96)
  • alias of ggally_smooth


  • fixed bug strips where causing spacing issue when printing axis labels (174630d)


  • fixed bug where checking for the package ‘intergraph’ couldn’t be reached


  • changed default of plotting multiple censored data color to match the survival line

package testing

  • added many more tests!

GGally 1.1.0

ggcoef - New!

gglegend - New!

  • pull out the legend of a plot which can also be used in ggpairs PR#155, PR#169


  • fixed bug where ‘…’ was not respected (d0fe633)


  • added ‘method’ parameter (411213c)


  • Does not call ggfluctuation2 anymore. PR#165


  • fixed issue with unnamed correlation matrix used as input PR#146
  • fixed issue undesired shifting when layout.exp was > 0 PR#171


  • is being deprecated. Please use ggally_ratio instead PR#165


  • fixed issue with overlaying network on a world map PR#157


  • Fixed odd bug where a list was trying to be forced as a double PR#162


  • Fixed improperly rotated axes with ggally_ratio PR#165


  • added ‘corMethod’ parameter for use in upper triangle PR#145


  • size.est and size.ci parameters added PR#153
  • ordering changed to reflect survival time PR#147
  • added a vignette PR#154


  • documentation updated PR#152
  • changes default behavior only. If an argument is supplied, the argument will take precedence

github chat


  • cache packages for faster checking
  • install covr and lintr from github for testing purposes

GGally 1.0.1


  • fix handling of factor group variable PR#131


  • force all char columns to factors PR#134


  • add boolean for grid.newpage ggmatrix print method PR#126

GGally 1.0.0


  • GGally has been upgraded to run on the latest ggplot2 v1.1.0. PR#109

New functions

  • ggmatrix. Make a generic matrix of ggplot2 plots
  • ggnetworkmap. Plot a network with ggplot2 suitable for overlay on a ggmap::map ggplot, or other ggplot
  • ggnet2. Function for plotting network objects using ggplot2, with additional control over graphical parameters that are not supported by the ggnet function


  • glyph - new!
  • ggmatrix - new!
  • ggnetworkmap - new!
  • ggpairs - new!
  • ggscatmat - new!


  • allows for bracket notation when getting or setting plots. PR#61
  • full control over axis labels and axis text. PR#107, PR#111


  • is now wrapper to ggmatrix
  • takes in ‘wrapped’ functions. This better handles the case of many different parameters being supplied to different plot types. PR#90
  • dates are better handled in ggpairs. Still room for improvement for default behavior, but they do not cause errors. PR#58, PR#59
  • displays a ‘NA’ plot when all or a combination of the data is NA. PR#119


  • legend title expressions may be used. PR#55
  • handles objects that may be coerced into a data.frame PR#70


  • changed geom_line to geom_path in gglyph. Fixes ordering issue. PR#51


  • remaining columns are passed through so aesthetics may be added later. PR#54
  • fixed parcoord ordering issues with odd names. PR#106
  • fixed scaling when unique length equals 1. PR#122


  • color censored marks the same color as the line. PR#74
  • allow for different censored color marks. PR#113


  • add fake data points to extend the limits of the stat_density2d. PR#114


  • new plot type!


  • removed cityServiceFirms
  • added twitter_spambots